Children Learning Reading Review – Does It Work?

Taking interest in the development and success of your child is a typical experience for parents. Wanting to give their child every advantage in this world, parents will want to take the necessary steps to ensure that their children have every resource available. Does this sound like you? You are not alone.

Any early benchmark for children is learning how to read. Reading opens your children up to new worlds. Children who can read early often develop a healthier relationship with the written word, pursuing reading relating tasks through adolescence and young adulthood. The ability to read and difficulties associated with the process can also make the parent aware of potential problems, like issues with eye site. No matter what way you look at it, teaching your kid to read can help keep them on track for the rest of their education and life.

So how do you teach your child to read? While there are several competing theories out there, the market is filled with self-help guides and packets that promise you and your child the world. As some of these have turned out to be scams, many parents have given up on reading aids. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to examine Children Learning Reading.

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A relative new comer to the world of child reading aids, let’s take a moment to focus on the author, review the pros and cons of the product, and see if Children Learning Reading might be good for you and your child. Let’s begin!

About Jim Yang, Creator of Children Learning Reading

A parent, Jim Yang has personally navigated the marketplace of potential scam products in an attempt to find the best way to teach his two kids to read. With little success, he doubled down on the theory behind reading and merged two theories on the subject to come up with a better approach for his children. Working as the guinea pigs, his kids were the first to experience the rather revolutionaryChildren Learning Reading Review approach towards teaching very young kids to read on their own. Taking a step from site reading, the technique created by Jim Yang would eventually make their way into a fleshed out guide that he sells to other parents looking to do the same thing. Utilizing personal heartfelt thanks from past clients as user reviews, Jim Yang is all about presenting his educational tool as the way to learn how to read.

Children Learning Reading Review : Pros & Cons


  • The techniques designed by Jim Yang are based off of sound educational theory and represent a novel approach towards learning that has apparently shown good results from customers.
  • There are many heart-felt and grateful reviews left for Children Learning Reading
  • The entire program is only $49.95, which is far less than the competition.
  • While Jim Yang talks up his product, he also strives to present it in a realistic and practical light, meaning that there is less chance of this being a scam.
  • Jim Yang works personally with customers to answer any and all questions they may have regarding the product.
  • Accepts many different forms of payment.
  • Entire program is downloaded so you do not have to wait for delivery.


  • Other similarly sounding products have turned out to be scams, making it harder to trust this product.
  • The website is setup in a manner similar to some scam websites. Even if it is not a scam, people may be turned off by this.
  • Jim Yang offers a very particular approach towards teaching children how to read, and your success may vary on the individual learning style of your child.

Final Thoughts – Why do i recommend it?

So where does this leave us? Jim Yang’s Children Learning Reading offers a lot of hope for those parents attempting to teach their young children how to read. Utilizing a set of defined principles and theories, Jim Yang manages to relate this information pretty effectively. Of those who have used his product, there are countless positive reviews and thanks provided. At the same time, it can be challenging to spend the $50 to purchase this, especially if you have lost money to a scam in the past. Either way, if you are interested in utilizing an aid to teach your child how to read, then you should consider Children Learning Reading. At an affordable price, you have a lot to potentially gain with only a relatively small amount of risk.

Children Learning Reading